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Quality materials, Quality staff

The quality of our materials is only
exceeded by the quality of our staff.

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A vehicle wrap protects your vehicle
Of course you’re worried about your vehicle’s paint job, but there’s no need to be – a properly installed vehicle wrap does no damage to your car or truck. In fact, our wraps, graphics and decals can actually enhance the resale value of your car, van, truck or fleet by protecting the paint job for years. And because we’re so confident in our expert installation, we guarantee our work.

If its got wheels, Traffic Graffics can wrap it! But remember to keep your message short and concise because there is a limit to the amount of information a person can absorb at one time.
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Best wrap materials and certified installers
We’re certified by Fellers, a globally recognized name in the custom vehicle wrap industry. We use 3M, the world’s #1 wrap materials provider. Our professional design team has been recognized for their excellent work. Most importantly, custom vehicle wraps are our specialty – they’re not just a hobby or sideline for us. We’ve done hundreds of wraps. You wouldn’t order pizza at a burger restaurant, so why would you order a vinyl wrap at a sign shop? We’ll show you the difference between a wrap provider and a vehicle
wrap specialist.

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Quality materials, Quality staff  The quality of our materials is only exceeded by the quality of ou

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